Ivan Cyber Consultancy

We all understand that there is limited, if at all, correlation between how nice your troops look during a parade vs how they perform in a firefight.

Similar discrepancy is way harder to spot  even for a trained eye in the world of cybersecurity.

Whether you're spending millions on 

your in-house corporate cybersecurity function or 

committed to an external MSSP | MDR service or 

may be your are looking to get one 

you deserve to have assurance that you are getting your money worth.

May be you are looking for ways to optimize your cybersecurity costs.

My name is Ivan Fedorets and I'm the author of the Breach Response and Security Engineering (BRSE) doctrine. You can read about it here: https://brse.info

I ran SOC on the corporate side and I sold Managed Security Service Provider services.

I've been also doing my own research to be ahead.

I can be your guide on your journey to get effective cybersecurity by assessing what you have and by helping  you get what you need at reasonable cost.

I can come over as well as operate remotely.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada